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March 25th, 2003, 03:25 PM
A 200k quicktime movie..When you click on the link you will see a blank page..just add a (?) at the end of the url and hit enter...you should be able to see it.

Try copying this url and pasting it in the address box.Then hit Enter..Or left click on the link and save ths video to your hardrive. You need to have quicktime to see it.


Lcar Animation Version3 (http://www.geocities.com/joeralat/Untitled-20mm.mov)

March 27th, 2003, 01:44 PM
Nice work so far... my only nitpick would be that the inner curve on the top half looks like it's coming up a few pixels shorter than the line of boxes that it joins into. (these are all technical terms, of course. :p)

March 28th, 2003, 08:48 AM
Cool! More!

March 28th, 2003, 05:56 PM
Cute... but I'd add contacts that the sensors are scanning on for the planet.