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April 16th, 2004, 12:20 PM
:smiley: Commodore Christiansen's blockade was complete. Several of the stronger classes of several major Alpha & Beta Quadrant races' vessels had corraled the Talarians. Decomissioned vessels from every warp-faring race in the alpha & beta quadrants that had been hijacked, bought, or, gambled & lost to a sleight of hand stood between Starfleet & a solution. A tense stand-off had staved off any further Talarian suicide attacks for the moment, but the Daikyu's Helmsperson still kept a healthy distance from the closest ship in the event it should attempt to ram them or self-destruct. The Daikyu's resident M.A.C.O.'s were belowdecks, busy being fitted for Hazard Suits & small arms.

This was supposed to be about capturing & de-programming a rightfully upset bunch of alienated former facists. Starfleet Intelligence had sacreligiously destroyed a place of worship, & ousted their previous dictator...and that was when things went from bad to worse. The formula to a successful coup was usually to win over the dictator's former supporters, rather than try to replace them in the ensuing change of regime.

Black Fleet's orders were clear.

"Do not use lethal force, unless desperately necessary as a dead last option."

Christiansen was in command of the U.S.S. Daikyu; a Sovereign-Class mothership with a Rapier-Class gunship in place of its contemporary saucer section, Intrepid-Class stardrive-section nacelles & a Prometheus-Class attitude.

The U.S.S. Olympuswas right next to them; an Entente-Class dreadnaught, so the chances were slim the Talarians would bother to sneeze without permission let alone offer resistance.

If the Talarians made the first move, the Daikyu would separate. The Rapier-Class saucer section was assigned to slalom through the opposition, firing all four forward phaser cannons to collapse enemy shields; meanwhile, the mothership would follow-up on its emmisary by involuntarily transporting off & replacing the Talarian crews with MACO's while commandeering the Talarian vessels. The Olympus's job was to offer cover-fire while their shields fluxuate to beam aboard prisoners or MACO casualties.

The Talarian combatants would be deposited in the mothership's forcefield reinforced cargo bays & have counselors on stand-by. The reception teams would include triage medics, food, blankets & medicine. The ships captured by the Starfleet Alliance would be returned to their respective homeworlds; or, failling that, summarily stripped for useful components & scuttled, considering the deplorable shape of the post-Dominion War supply-lines.

A prisoner exchange would be arranged sooner or later, and, after a cooling-off period, negotiations & reparations would hopefully begin.


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April 22nd, 2004, 09:42 AM
The Operations Officer on the U.S.S. Daikyu; a clever Andorian named Subcommander Gelshaxe, had piggybacked a virus into the initial obligatory communications between the Alliance & the Talarians that would aggressively corrupt & re-write the Talarians' computer core verbal recognition & keypad manual over-ride software.

The virus would effectively lock out the Prasch & tie the hands of his followers behind their backs. Black Fleet's infinity re-modulation program adapted the Starfleet Alliance members' every phaser shot; developed from the Federation's last encounters with the Borg, corroborated by Voyager's own Seven Of Nine & Chief Engineer B'elanna Torres' duty logs.

Ship after ship fell to the assault. Miranda-Class, clandestinely refit Oberth-Class & other obsolete classes they'd jacked from every major naval-political influence in several dozen light years' distance of the Federation lost all control of their yaw, bank, & tilt. Most of them burning in space, spewing plasma & a variety of other noxious industrial coolants or personnel caught too close to an outter hull breach.

Needless to say, Betazoid Counselors & their M.A.C.O. Security reinforcements got their act together fast; boots pounded the decks to the Daikyu's Transporter Rooms, security's Hazard-Type E.V.A. Suits fully equiped & their phasers drawn. De-materializing in back to back in delta formation, anticipating a firefight upon reintegration. The Hazard Team's magnetic boot-soles stomping to the deck with the Talarians' gravity plating faillure causing unprecedented, unmitigated chaos. Some Talarians hanging on despite the sensation of their stomachs trading places with their mouths; firing back with one hand & trying to anchor themselves to their dutystation with the other.

General Phoenix
April 22nd, 2004, 09:43 PM
Nice work, particularly the second piece. I'll have to check out that site.