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April 2nd, 2001, 02:05 PM

This story may contain <FONT COLOR="red">gory / horror</FONT c> material. Please bewarned. If you do not like detailed descriptions, please look away.

Yep, the second part. Thought I might make you wanting more http://www.3dgladiators.com/forums/ubb/ubbhtml/biggrin.gif

The morning was cloudy, just about to rain. The window was grubby from the muck and grime from the streets below.

A mug was placed onto the table, as Ely put placed her newspaper under her chin, whilst balancing her shoes as well as pouring hot water into her coffee mug.

As the boiling water simmered into the cup, she placed the kettle back onto the stove and put the newspaper down. She reached down to her ankles and placed on her shoes. They were a tight fit, which meant that she needed a new pair, but with the amount of money she was receiving, it would mean that she wouldn't be able to afford one, until 3 years from now.

She picked up the mug and the newspaper as she read the latest new articles.

"Another killing in alleyways" the headline stated. She looked down at it, and then turned the page. It didn't bother her, the mysterious sword, the homeless person being killed, wasn't really important.

The inside stories weren't really intresting, so she sipped the final bit of her coffee and set off to work.

As she got outside her door, with her key in the lock, when an elderly guy walked over to her.
"Your rent. You're overdue", he said with a croaky voice.
"Yes, yes, I'm gonna go to the bank today, and make you square."
"Be sure you do, or you'll be out on the streets."
"Yes Mister Hingley, I will, don't you worry", Ely said smiling. She hated Mister Hingley, he had that presence that meant he was always starring at you, somehow always behind you when you least expected it, like a ghost or something.
She watched Mister Hingley move away, before locking her door and leaving the building.
"Bloody landlord", she stated, "I wish he would just pop his clogs soon."

She left the grimy building, and closed the door. Mister Hingley looked over the balcony of the staircase. His evil smile seemed a little inappropriate, though he didn't hear what Ely had stated about him. He turned around and walked towards his door. As he opened, the old rusty wooden door, a tall black figure stood infront of him. Because of Mister Hingley's height, he looked up. The large blade pierced through his throat. Mister Hingley, before he collapsed, tried to speak, but as the blood gushed from his throat, he couldn't. He just tried to mumble a few words, before the blade was released from his elderly body and the body collapsed to the floor. The blade seemed rather sharp, and the leather hand moved towards it and wiped the blood from the metal, as the blade moved slowly out of the hand. The blade pierced the leather glove revealing the pale white skin from the person within.

The shadowy person stepped over the dead body and down the stairs and into the streets.

Whatcha think? Need more?

- Mikey
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