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May 19th, 2001, 02:35 AM
Hi guys I m currently texturing my Northdrop Mcdonnell Douglas F23 widow II
And I need some help in making some "shields" (insignia)
the first one is unknown to me and I would like a bigger version of it( something usefull) (Maybe from a Dryden test Squadron?)
The second one should be the USAF shield but I can't find it anywhere

I hope that you guys have more luck :)

ps Does anyone have any decent pics of a F 23



June 4th, 2001, 07:22 PM
Well.. The first one is too distorted to properly make out.. Could be the 412th test out of Edwards...maybe Wright-Patt... could also be the 46th out of Eglin(less confidence in this one though) Dryden is NASA, and I'm not sure if they have an emblem. :-/

Usually, you don't get that type of emblem on a test A/C. But if I were a beting man, I'd have to go with AF Systems Command...which I believe that Edwards is a part of. I don't know if AFSC exists as an organization anymore. Hmmm.. I'll have to ask a work tomorrow.

The second I think is ACC. Check out the like here http://www.af.mil/photos/art_shields.shtml

The best pictures I know of are here: http://www.dfrc.nasa.gov/gallery/photo/YF-23/HTML/EC94-42454-3.html






Hope that helps....

June 6th, 2001, 07:14 AM
Thx a lot
Most of the pics I did already have, but the ones I didn't had are really useful, thx alot :)

About the top logo

Do you know of a location where to find them? I has searched a few sites and nothing. Maybe just ask on a few sites could help :) Going to do that I think :)

June 6th, 2001, 03:43 PM
Unfortunately, there aren't too many published pics of the YF-23 areound these days. You could always try contacting Northrup/Grummans Public relations office or Dryden's Public Affairs Office (Might be listed as PAO)

The only logos that I know were at my first link here http://www.af.mil/photos/art_shields.shtml The nice thing about the one featured there is it's in eps format, just no color. To get the color info, you can check out one of those other links. I can't rememebr which, but it has a good shot of the logo on the tail.

That has the ACC one, but no Systems Command. I haven't seen that one around for quite a while. Sorry on that one.

But try going to the AF link and follow the contact us link. Explain what's going on and maybe they'll be a tech sgt at the other end who can help.

Sorry it isn't exactly what you need, but it's all I have.