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July 11th, 2001, 02:29 PM
Sense I do so many ships and designs based on my Universe.. I figure I minus well post a 'outline' of it.. [ I may one day turn it into a full story ]

And so it Begins...

In a Few years, Tensions will once again rise between India and Pak.. A war will ignite, and leading to a Nuke War.. One of the nukes Guidence systems will fail, it will hit inside China, though it will not do any real damage, Chinas long standing thret of Anhilation of both sides should nuke hit them Stands... Minuts after China's decloration of War, India and Pak. will be no more..
Though indirectly.. this will begin a 3rd world war, it will distabilise the area.. Aliances will rise and fall, wars will begin.. China and Russia will get involved in a border war, no nukes though, untill various Mutuial enemies arise, and they form an Alliance.. The European Union will be attacked aswell, form the Balklands, Asia, and Africa.. Years go on, Nukes fly, In the End a Joint EU, Russia, China, Canadian, Aussie Alliance will end ..
But .. with so many dead, anger toward thouse countries that didn't assist turns to Hate .. USA had suplied both sides with Weapons of war, and now that it is over, Tensions are High.. Various fights break out between USA and other countries.. Canadian and american Fighters clash.. Finally War is there again when USA takes out Mexico after it starts to become a Real military power.. They also Attack Canada, but we are prepared.. Fight Fight Fight.. This begins to extend into space with Russian and EU Mining colonies on Mars being attacked by US Forces.. As the War wages, americas forces fall back into the USA .. And Finally Fall back into Space in a Mass Exodus of the Military Leaders and forces..
Years Pass.. Small fights begin and end.. American Forces pick a fight with a Superior Enemy.. This force attackes both American and Alliance.. Earth is rendered useless.. And a New Fleet of Joint Human factions emerges form the Alliance.. To defend themselves, and Begin a peace by saving New America..

Ok.. Ok.. I've put WAY too much thought into this.. But Blah ! So be it :)
Just Don't ask about my FLT Drive systems.. Even I think it has too many pieces to it [ 5+ types of Hyperspace Jump drives, Gates, Space Fold, Hyperspace Fold, ect.. ]