View Full Version : Images needed for First Contact/ Enterprise PBEM RPG

Cmd. Bremmon
July 14th, 2001, 09:13 PM
Hey, how's it going? We are planning on doing a "First Contact" to "Enterprise" based PBEM RPG / fan-movie/fiction website detailing the struggles of Zephram Cochrane's team of Engineers and humanity attempting to rebuild after the devestation of World War III.

If you think you would like to help out, please email me at pichachc@meg-cgy.com and canadatoday@home.com

World War III meshes, the Phoenix, and or any early spacecraft would be most appriciated.

I am also working on meshes such as the Bonaventure
and the S.S. Enterprise
so email me if you have any ideas or models, and I'll see if I can put them to good use (you get full credit of course).

More importantly, we would love to have you if your into PBEM RPGing.