View Full Version : STAR TREK: OLYMPUS!!!!!!! (Voyages of the USS Olympus)

Russell Christiansen
July 31st, 2001, 11:07 PM
Many of you have seen the USS Olympus bridge that seanr did for me, which he did an INCREDIBLE job of.

I should have given him more credit.




But these are the voyages of the USS Olympus: NCC-71900

This first one is called "Screams in the Mind." This story features the Borg making an invasion of the Ecuadians, an empire adjacent to the Federation. The title should be changed though but it gives a different view of the Borg (we're talking TNG style Borg, prior to Borg Queen). It's much different than what you have seen earlier. Plus some inventive ways of taking them out (WITHOUT technobabble of course.)

The crew is much more wild than the other crew.

FYI, King and Wojcik do not get along, which will explain the end.

The Olympus just got its refit in this episode. I wrote this two years ago, FYI.

The crew of this ship are real actual people from my college. They didn't mind me writing them in. Hopefully there should be no problem with this at all.

Here it is!