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Cmd. Bremmon
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Default ST: Federation Cast....

Here is a ruff sketch of the characters to "star" in Federation... (3d models of each forthcoming).

ST: Federation

Intial Major Characters (to be expanded):

Captain Nicholas R Bremmon
Human, United Earth
28 year old Captain with the United Earth Space Probe Agency. Bremmon is known for his
leadership skills and solution oriented approch. This also makes him a liability as being rash and quick to take action. His military oriented background also makes him much more prone to decicive action. Still Bremmon takes into account the opinions of his crew, often using them as a balance.

Bremmon enlisted with the fleet at the age of 17, and served as a Pretty Officer on the tug S.S. Hyperion during the second Mars-Earth conflict. His tug participated in various rescues of damaged ships (ironically for both sides) in the belt. He would later attend and graduate from the Naval Academy at New Annapolis Station at the wars completion. He then served as armory
officer on the rapid reaction destroyer S.S. Tarawa. During the famous Epsilion Erendi incident he gained both a commodation and a distrust for Vulcans during the rescue of a crashed civilian liner. Shortly before the Romulan war he was promoted to first officer on the S.S. Potemkin. Upon the Potemkin's destruction, Bremmon was promoted to Command of the S.S. Bonaventure.

Sub Commander T'Pau
Vulcan, Space Central
58 year old T'Pau is a veteran of the Vulcan Space Central. Having graduated from the Vulcan Science Academy, and fulfilled the trials of Kolinar, T'Pau served on two scientific deep space survey missions. When the last mission turned into a disaster during a contact with an unknown
race (known only to the upper echolon's of the Vulcan Science Academy as the Tholians), T'Pau logically believed that exploration could only continue with the support of a defensive element.
She would join the Vulcan Space Central, and rise quickly to the rank of Sub Commander. Her last assignment was as first officer of the Survey ship Surak II. Logic of course is the basis for T'Pau's calm, cool, in control attitude.

Lt. Stephen Bond
Human, Martian Colonies and the Colonial Commonwealth
25 year old Stephen Bond has served his entire life in the Martian Defence Force (including a tour of duty with the Commonwealth forces) following the death of his parents during the Second Mars-Earth conflict. As a military pilot and armory specialist, Bond has an "over
confidence" problem to say the least. His nature is well deserved however as he is an excellent pilot and veteran of the so-called Battle of Tecusmsah. Owing his life to then Commander Bremmon, Bond has decided to serve aboard the UESPA spaceship Bonaventure.

Lt. Susan Chan
Human, United Earth
The 24 year old Lt. Susan Chan is a leading communications and diplomatic officer having
graduated from the University of Tokyo. She served as an assistant director in the Communicatons Core and played a key role in radio first contact with the Andorians. With her light nature and friendly attitude, Lt. Susan Chan is among the most well liked of the Bonaventure crew. She is often considered the "makeshift" councillor. She served as communications officer for
the S.S. Potemkin, and transfered to the Bonaventure after the Battle of Tecumsah.

Lt. Commander Povolov
Human, United Earth
Povolov is a renowned Engineer, having helped in the design and development of modern day interstellar spacecraft. Povolov graduated from the University of Leningrad and is very proud of his roots. The 58 year old is not looking forward to his manditory retirement in 4 years time.

Dr. (Bombadier Lt.) Katherine Trieste
Centauri, Alpha Centaurian Star Empire
Since the coming of Zephrame Cochrane to the world of Alpha Centauri, the planet itself
has undergone dramatic social and ecological changes. Having nuked itself back to the stone age 4 times, the Centaurian race is primarily female, with daughters expected to serve in the military. Dr. Trieste's mother in fact is a well known Bombadier General. It is of great disappointment that Trieste chose to be a Doctor. The face remains that despite her harsh, semmingly "warrior" mentality, the good Doctor does like to help others, and does not appriciate
violence. Her no-nonesense, "don't be stupid" attitude, makes Dr. Trieste one of the more interesting characters aboard the ship.

3rd class Athropos
Andor, Andorian Confederation
Athropos rose though the ranks of the Andorian Star Force rather quickly as a noted navigator.
He rarely in fact needs the use of computers in his computations. It was no surprise then, that when Andor was invited to contribute an officer to the S.S. Bonaventure, they choose Athropos.
While silent, Athropos is usually full of good, reasonable ideas. He is also extremely sensativeto his environment and enjoys mediation. Calm and friendly, Athropos's weakness lies in his non-outgoing personality.

Amanda Thornson
Federation Council Member for the Martian Colonies and the Terran Commonwealth
Amanda Thornson is best known for her help in drafting the Martian Decleration of Rights, and her brief tenure as leader of the Martian resistance during the Second Mars-Earth war.

While born of New Paris colony, Thornson grew tired of the arrogance and oligarchy of the United Nations. She ran as a candidate for the reforming of the United Nations, and won two terms. When the Coloniel Parliament was shut down, starting the second Mars-Earth war, Thornson became a spokesperson for the colonies and eventually relocated to Mars.

Her commitment to good, accountable government, democratic values and against government waste, has made Thornson a respected Federation Council Member.

Federation Council Member for the United Nations of Earth. Kinsella is a strong supporter of the expansion of the public arena and is distrustful of the Vulcan's and Centaurians. A career politician, Kinsella knows how to play the game, and plays it well.

As a politician in the UN, Kinsella was responsible for shutting down the coloniel Parliament during their plans to deregulate the communications industry as well as occupying the subspace booster array on Mars, triggering the second Earth-Mars war. He covered his tracks however, and blame was laid upon the United Earth Space Probe Agency director at the time.

Secretary General Micheal Long
Speaker of the Council
Terran Secretary General Micheal Long is a legend in many ways, notably as Terran leader during the Romulan War. Having actually served with Zephrame Cochrane in the Centauri embassy and leading an exploration mission to Vulcan on the S.S. Ticonderoga, Secretary-General Micheal Long
is seen as thoughtful, innovative and yet conservative. He also wishes to see the Federation effort work, but not at the price of sacrificing Terran freedom. He thus wishes to see progress, slowly but surely.

At the end of the United Earth provisional government after the Romulan War, Micheal Long was elected Speaker of the Federation Council.

Minor characters:

Council Member Solak
Vulcan pro-Federation Ambassador to the Federation. Having been a member of the Vulcan Science Ship T'planahath, he was among those to establish first contact with Earth.

Ambassador Skon
The 54 year old Vulcan is a legend in the Vulcan Science Academy, and was selected by Solak to be his advisor. Still Skon has second thoughts about the Federation effort. In fact, Skon constantly questions Solak as to the logic of the Federation.

(Skon is of course, Sarek's father and Spock's grandfather. There will be an exciting episode featuring this character)

Council Member Adrianna
The Centaurian Council Member has seen it all having been a respected commander in the Star Empire's armed forces. Conservative minded, Tahona is not afraid to use force. Surprisingly she is a great ally for the Federation movement.

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