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Cmd. Bremmon
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Default ST: Federation Prelude - "Ashes to Ashes"

Here is part one of a "fan fiction" movie I am doing. It will actually be the prelude to a regular "series". What do you think?!? Want to help?!? Email me at canadatoday@home.com

Length: 30 minutes

(Show Romulan fleet in-route… Star Trek VI theme song.
Small colonization vessel approaches)

Colony: Radar contact showed intense energy radiation, your sector.. Waypoint 6, 4, 2.. Aegis track confirms.

Colonist: I can’t see anything. This ship was meant for local reconnaissance only I’m afraid.

Colony: Roger that, we’ll be your eyes. Could be an Orion Raider perhaps, we heard the colony of Eta Vuleapae IV ran into them.

Colonists: Hopefully just another Andorian ship playing games. Wait… I am picking something up.. My God!!! There are thousands of- (One of the Romulan ships opens fire) I’m under atta-! (his ship explodes)

Colony: Kingston, come in, this is New Plymouth colony…. New Plymouth Central to Kingston, please come in… Sir… we’ve lost contact with the Sheriff…

Colony Head: Get me the United Earth Space Probe Agency Central office.. begin reorienting the booster relay now!

Colony: Sir!

(Romulan ships launch nukes, detonate over the colony..)



[Video shows earth ships attacking… picking off vessels in the Romulan swarm. Some are destroyed. Zoom out to show United Earth Space Probe Agency HQ ]

Kinsella: As you know, they are on a direct course for Earth. Our radar track shows over 200 ships, apparently “sleeper” vessels similar to our early DY-100 vessels, moving at .7 of c.

Amanda: I’m well aware of that Director… Believe it our not, the Martian Commonwealth does keep track of these things. I’m aware that the 46 ships of the UESPA defence command were transferred away from shadowing Vulcan and Andorian craft, to focus upon the Romulan fleet in a harassing action.

Kinsella: Yes, that is correct. Our fighting withdrawal is meant to buy us time to mount a counter offensive.

Amanda: Not to mention that any decisive victory has proved impossible to this point. Over 38 of those original frigates and destroyers have been destroyed. Luckily your cause is just and your “allies” are happy to provide reinforcements. With reassurances of representation from the Secretary-General, I am happy to commit our Mars Defence Force.

Kinsella: Ah yes.. Your Declaration of Martian Rights… such a waste.

Amanda: Your Secretary-General obviously doesn’t think so.

Kinsella: Yes, well… needless to say as Director of the United Earth Space Probe Agency, you will be serving under me, understood?

Amanda: Don’t think for a second that I will forgive you for your actions at the Battle of Utopia Planetia. What I do here, as your assistant, I do for what is best for humanity.

(Mars Defence Forces leave Mars Orbit]

Bond: All craft, plot course for the Romulan armada. Maximum Warp.

Pilot #1: Aye sir, Warp 1.3 ready. Engaging.



Styles: Scanning…. Definitely some sort of activity, the second wave of vessels is now maneuvering.

Bodria: Hypothesis?

Bremmon: The crews are coming out of cryogenic hibernation as the fleet approaches Earth.

Bodria: Very good number one. Another year and they will make it to Sol. And that is where we will make our stand.

Bremmon: Sir… Mars Defense Task Force just entered range… They are nearing the armada.

Chan: Republic and Tecumsah requesting permission to break formation.

Bodria: Negative, we are to maintain warp 2 and monitor the situation.

Bremmon: Sir? Should we not attempt to assist in the offensive?

Bodria: My orders come straight from UESPA headquarters, we are not to intervene.

Bremmon: But sir, all our attempts to confront the Romulan fleet have ended disastrously! Our maneuverability is wasted against a basically fixed tar-

Bodria: There are over 300 Romulan vessels out there. We are in position to intervene. I was at the Battle of Bengles Gate, trust me, you should consider yourself lucky.

Bremmon: But the incoming task force is following orders to attack! Perhaps we should contact-

Styles: The booster relays are all tasked to aiding the Martian fleet, which would take at least twelve hours to recalibrate.

Bremmon: Sir, I think we are making a mistake here. The Martian forces won’t stand-

Styles: So noted. Steady as she goes.


Bond: This is it… SWACs lead to task force… ready Sidewinders.

Pilots: All craft reporting..

Bond: Target the lead vessels. Use your warp power to your advantage. Engage.

(The Martian forces attack, but are hit with a barrage of weapons fire. Some Romulan ships fall, some Terran vessels as the battle rages)


Bremmon: They are taking heavy fire… Two groups of Romulan ships have broken off to surround them. I recommend we break radio silence.

Bordria: My orders are explicit.

Bremmon: Sir.. there are people dying out there..

Styles: Heavy jamming from the Romulan forces, I can’t pick anything up at this range…

Bodria: Bring us closer, command wants details here.


Pilot: Nuclear detonation off the port… caught the third wing.. Reporting heavy damage.. We are taking them down…

Bond: Sensors, I have jamming to port, can anyone check that out..?

Pilot: There’s too many of them!!!

Bond: This is a massacre!

(Four of the nuclear missiles accelerate past the Maritian forces, smashing into the Tecumsah)


Bodria: Now is not the time for semantics number one!

Bremmon: Sir, we just can’t sit here and “monitor!” Besides, we need additional telemetry to maintain a safe-

(A swarm of nuclear missiles approach the Terran ships)

Styles: Incoming! We are under attack!

Bodria: Withdrawal, at once!

(The turrets open fire)

Bremmon: Helm, belay that, give the turrets maximum ability to-

(One of the nuclear devices gets through, detonating to the port of the Terran fleet. The Tecumsah is heavily damaged, with the Potemkin showing damage as well.)

Styles: The Captain!

(Bordria lies on the floor)

Bremmon: Medics to the bridge! Emergency. Helm, give the turrets maximum ability to intercept vampires. Damage Report?!?

Styles: Moderate damage, warp drive off line.

Chan: Tecumsah has lost warp power, she is reporting heavy damage.

Bremmon: We can’t leave them behind! Move us along side her. Order the Intrepid to retreat.

(The Potemkin is hit)

Chan: Engineering reporting Diterium tank damage, fusion reactors off-line…

Bremmon: Full electronic jamming, NOW! Communications, can you hail the Martian fleet… Tell them we are nuclear capable and will lay down a barrage to allow them to escape!


Bond: Mayday.. mayday…

Chan: S.S. Potemkin… ready to assist with nuclear..

Bond: Where the hell did they come from?


Bremmon: Look, you get the crew of the Tecumsah out of there… now…

Bond: +Medical vessel evacuating the ship now … Thanks for your help Captain.+

Bremmon: Don’t mention it.. The use of nuclear weapons is authorized. Armory, I need a targeting solution, give me a nuclear barrage at point blank range behind the Martian forces as they withdraw….

(The surviving Martian forces retreat at high speed)

Bremmon: Now, fire.

(The Potemkin lays down a barrage of nuclear detonations behind the withdrawing Terran forces, forcing the Romulans to break off. Three small Romulans however go after the medical ship and the Tecumsah.)

Bremmon: Capship missiles, fire! Turrets, warn her off!

(The medical ship docks with the Tecumsah even as the Romulan ship opens fire. The Potemkin stands her ground and fires at incoming weapons. The Romulan ship breaks off and fires on the Potemkin.)

Styles: Turret chief’s showing a red light on the incoming weapons fire.

Bremmon: Helm, move us into the path of the incoming bolts… quickly!

(The Potemkin rushes forward as the Romulan’s open fire with their plasma beam weapon. The blast strikes the Potemkin dead centre, cutting into the hull.)

Bremmon: Emergency lights!

Styles: Heavy damage coming in… engineering reports a deterurian leak. Fusion reactor going offline!

Chan: Medical ship reports the Tecumsah’s crew is off! Many unconscious from radiation..

Bremmon: Helm, get us out of here! Turrets to close in defense! Missile room, fire on those Romulan bastards!

Styles: Trying….

Povolov: + Engineering room to bridge, heavy damage to reactor… Warp is shot! Generators set to emergency charge, back up solar cells activated… +

Bremmon: This is not good….

(Two of the Romulan smaller ships are destroyed by the Potemkin. Suddenly a larger vessel emerges and opens fire, hitting the Potemkin. Styles is hit and falls back, Chan rushes to take his station.)

Chan: Controls are sluggish, damage to primary thrusters…

Bremmon: Nuclear weapons, fire on that cruiser!!

Chan: It’s too close!

Bremmon: Our ship is already crippled. Fire!

(The Potemkin fires on the Romulan ship at point blank range, the nuclear blast catching the ship as well. Fires on the bridge, power starts to fail.)

Chan: Heavy damage, intership communications offline…

Bremmon: Deactivate all power systems now! Play dead! Get to engineering now..

(The crippled Potemkin powers down and deactivates as the Romulan swarm passes over.)

Povolov (walks onto the bridge): All power is going to life support, heavy damage. The reactor is gone.

Bremmon: How long can we last?

Povolov: With our solar cells? Indefinitely if we go into cryogenic sleep.

Bremmon: If they work. May fortune favor the foolish.


Vulcan: Greetings..

(Bremmon pulls himself up.): What the hell?

Amanda: Rest, you’ve just came out of cryosleep. I am UESPA Deputy Director Amanda Thornson, formally of the Martian Defence Forces. You saved a lot of lives back there.

Bremmon: Where are we?!?

Amanda: Your on the Vulcan Vessel Surak II, they discovered your crippled ship.

Bremmon: How long have I been out?

Amanda: A year… The war doesn’t go well.. We’ve destroyed 54 more Romulan vessels, leaving 124 still en-route for Earth. We are preparing for our final stand outside Sol, near Cheron.

Bremmon: Cheron? The Romulans are that close?

Amanda: We are prepared to meet the Romulans with everything we have, including 6 new vessels… Declaration class. Thanks to Vulcan assistance, they have working prototype deflector shield technology.

Bremmon: I’ve never trusted these Vulcans. They should have joined in.

Amanda: Time is of the essence Commander. As of this moment you are promoted to Captain and I want you on one of the Declaration class. The, er… S.S. Yorktown.

Bremmon: S.S. Yorktown…

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Russell Christiansen
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I see "Hidden Frontier" pioneered a new era of making your own Trek series!

I bet it's better than what Series V will be!
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Cmd. Bremmon
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= ) Hopefully we can get something done along those lines!!!
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Aside from some typos, this is pretty good.

Winners never quit and quitters never win, but anyone who never quits and never wins is an idiot.
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