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Default Promethean fire

Sweeping around a large blue gas planet, the Battlestar Prometheus accelerates at full power toward an Alderson jump point. Behind her are hundreds of Cylon fighters in hot pursuit, followed by three Baseships. As she approaches the jump point the Prometheus slows, allowing the Cylons to close the distance, then she jumps. The pause has given the Cylons time to calculate her jump course. After collecting their fighters two Baseships follow her. The third moves to the colony at Beta-reticuli.

Unseen by all, on the far side of the star system, the last transport from Beta-reticuli disappears behind a large red gas giant, where it will jump to safety.

The Prometheus now proceeds to the next jump point at an economical pace, apparently unconcerned the Cylons might follow her. And the Cylons are not far behind; as they emerge from Hyperspace they go to full power in hot pursuit. In turn the Big P goes full power and once more its a race to the next jump point. Arriving first Prometheus jumps just ahead of the Cylons, this time they can only estimate her exact course and when they emerge, they find only empty space.

With nothing to pursue, one Baseship launches fighters to scout the star system while the other returns to the jump point. Upon emerging from its jump the Cylon baseship receives the full fury of Promethean fire.

One down, two to go.
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