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Branching Off

Colonial Fleets Front Page

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The Colonial Fleets website was a branch off of 3D Gladiators. Originally created for a friend on 3DG, it was a place for Battlestar Galactica fans to discuss the show without trolls. When the membership grew so large, we branched it off onto its own domain. Colonial Fleets uses 4Images for their Gallery and Downloads. I modified it so the membership from the Forums, Downloads and the Gallery would be the same membership.

2 Responses to “Branching Off”

  1. Gerard Says:

    First Site that captured the look and feel of this classic show. Stunning Design and layout with easy navigation. rating of a web design “Outstanding: 10 out of 10″

  2. Pete Says:

    I have truly lost count how many times that I’ve been told “what a beautiful website you have”. I only wish that I could take the credit for it but, I can’t. Colonial Fleets became the jewel that it is, due to the talent of Darrell Lawrence. He possesses that unique talent of being able to combine an efficient website design with easy functionality and a stunning appearance. Additionally, showing his true dedication to providing the best possible product to the membership, he has added features which allow folks to ‘choose their own display’ from several different options; upload and download pictures from the artist galleries; and, attach their own pictures to various discussion threads. No task is too difficult – he once migrated a complete sub-forum with over 50,000 individual posts by various members, from Colonial Fleets to another website and did so with 100% accuracy. His tireless efforts have made my job, quite probably, the easiest on the planet. My sincerest thanks to you, Darrell, and my highest recommendation.

    Pete Conchilla

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